Top Benefits Of Including The Plyo Box Into Your Workouts

Plyometrics which means “explosive jumping moves, burns around 9 calories, in some cases more in a minute which is similar to jogging. You can reap exponential benefits for your body when you use a Pylo box, which is a type of mini-platform made from foam, steel, or wood that comes in different heights which range from 4 to 42 inches, that you can either jump over or onto.

Research from the ACE (American Council on Exercise) has shown that you can burn around 15 calories in a minute during HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts with a box. The increase in burning calories is most likely linked to the additional challenge of making sure you land on a target.

Let’s use a basic box-jump as an example. This exercise will rapidly increase your heart-rate due to lifting your weight against gravity. This technique works all the major muscle groups, especially your quads, glutes, and abs, which you need to propel you. It also helps to build and strengthen your small stability muscles on your landings. Some fitness experts are suggesting that the Plyo box could be your one-stop-shop to reshape your body from your head to your toe.

Here are 5 important reasons why you should include the Plyo Box into your workouts:

1. These Exercise Routines Will Give You Fantastic Calves

Jumping will increase your muscle tone and strength and build your lower and upper body strength. A box jump forces you into jumping high enough making you use all the muscles in each leg to successfully land on top of the box.

2. Box Jumps Blast Fat And Burn Lots Of Calories

When you jump at such a quick pace, you will burn 800 to 1,000 calories in an hour. This far outweighs the 200 to 300 calories you will burn from an exercise such as walking for an hour. High-intensity jumping also stimulates a change in your mitochondria (where fuel converts into energy at a cellular level), which means your body will start burning fat before carbs, which is fantastic news if you are focused on losing weight or toning your body.

3. You Can Do These Exercises Without Equipment

If you do not want to make or buy a box, or you don’t have access to a Plyo box at your gym, you are still able to do this exercise. All you need is some stairs, a bench that is high enough, or a table (if you are feeling brave), and start jumping. You should make sure that it is really sturdy, to avoid injuries or falling off.

4. They Can Enhance Your Athletic Abilities

If you enjoy playing basketball, surfing, or skateboarding whenever you have free time on your hands, including a Plyo box in your workout routines will improve your endurance, speed, and your vertical jumps. These exercises also work on increasing your coordination which will assist you when it comes to excelling at any other sport or activity.

If you have never tried box jumps before you will soon find out just how much they can benefit your body. Box jumps will also make you improve your coordination very quickly. This is especially true if you miss your target and you end up banging your shins into the box.

5. They Are Loads Of Fun

Once you try out a few box jumps and you find out you can actually get up onto the box, they will soon become one of your favorite workout routines either at home or at the gym. When you realize you can actually do it, this is the type of exercise that will boost your confidence and help you to feel stronger and stronger over time.

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